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Our Approach

Why are we different?

The Hive is different, in our eyes anyway! We are aiming for Forest Nursery status and this means that around 80% of our learning can be transferred to the outdoors. It means that we will be using the world around us to learn. The changing seasons, the weather and the natural world. It means your child will learn the art of good old fashioned 'play'.

Our aim is simple, and its to provide good quality, homely care, where each child can develop in a nurturing and natural environment. We are not a huge corporate nursery, we are a small and friendly pre-school. Our staff members are all family orientated, we are early years educators and we enjoy our work. 

Outdoor Learning for all!

Lots of our learning will be done outdoors. We have a huge field here at The Hive and lots of our resources will be taken outdoors each day. We provide all children with a water bottle and a kit bag on registration. We ask parents to provide wellies and outdoor suits (we will be able to order suits too for an additional cost - we are in the process of doing a deal with a supplier). Children will be outside getting messy - just as children should!

Baby Zone - Honey Bees

We will also have a dedicated 'Baby Zone' for our Honey Bees (under 2's). The zone will be upstairs in the building and babies will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a rustic sensory environment. They will also still spend time outdoors with the other children each day.

2 year olds - Bumblebees

Our 2 year olds will form our 'Bumblebees' team. 

Children will be put in groups according to their age and stage to ensure they are always able to learn at their own pace. We are really passionate about child-led play and we follow the children's interests and their ideas to help ensure they are always engaged. learning and having fun!

3/4 year olds - Worker Bees

Our 3/4 year olds will form our 'Worker Bees' Team and they will be learning lots of skills to get them ready for school. Following the EYFS Early Learning Goals to ensure they are independent young learners!