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Before and After School Club!

We will be offering a small before and after school club for our most local schools

Before School

School age children can attend from 7.40am. We will provide breakfast and then take the children to school.

The Hive breakfast club will be in the main hall very morning. Children will have the opportunity to take part in our 'Stretch to Success' and 'Mindfulness' morning stretching and meditating sessions before heading off for a day of learning!

Stretching helps to awaken the body ready for learning and helps to relieve the stress of the morning rush to enable little minds to engage ready for the day ahead.

After School

Children will be collected from their school class rooms at the end of each day by our paediatric first aid trained staff. They will either walk or be transported in our fully insured business vehicle back to The Hive.

Once at The Hive the children will be given a wholesome homemade snack at 4pm. Snack Menus will be provided to parents but will include things like Jacket Potatoes with fillings, Wraps, Homemade Stews, Pasta, Homemade Pies or Soups.

After snack time children are able to engage in outdoor activities such as sports, free play, crafts. There will also be the opportunity for quiet reflection and a homework area with support from the The Hive team.

Holiday Hivers

Our holiday club is one not to be missed!

Remember the endless half term days when we played Kirby with our friends and built dens with old sheets? We are very passionate that our Hivers help to build these skills and memories and not loose their childhoods to tablets and Xboxes!

During Half Term at The Hive we will be offering various activities each day, from Crafting Spaceships, Solar Systems and new necklaces to Sports Camps,music lessons, drama classes provided by various sports academy's and music and drama teachers. 

Obviously coupled with regular visits to our Bluebelle Woods and Allotment too.

We will also plan 'Days Out' to places like Blackpool Zoo, Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, Beeston Castle and even the beach at Talacre!

We love a good theme and each holiday camp will have a season reflective theme, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night to Summer Beach Parties and Easter Egg Hunts.

We are very focused that children should be children and although we will always provide a quiet area for reading and relaxing, we encourage the children to be imaginative and have fun!!